Kick start your career

Whether you have made a decision already about what career or study pathway you want to pursue, or you have no idea, the Sort It Careers Expo can help you with your decision.

Our region has a wide range of employment sectors, and therefore offers various employment opportunities for you. You can find out about our key sector profiles here.

Remember this is your future! You can choose to sit back and let it happen… or you can make it happen! Whether you are considering study or training, a trade or career keep your mind open to all possibilities. If you could do anything, what would it be? Consider the steps you will need to get there, this may not be your first choice of career, but it could be a start.

Choosing a career

The six Vocational Pathways is a tool to help you see how your interests, strengths and achievements relate to your future study options and career opportunities.


Find out what’s happening in the job marketand which occupations will be sought after in the future through Careers NZ.